Thousand Dying Suns

Blue Jade

Olis recordings; where is Marva Tregga?

The others speculate that the Gargoyle was probably created by the ancients who also created the gate system that allows travel between the stars. They were called the Wyyfendovi.
As we get up close to the Gargoyle, several things happen. Thorne fades from view. Gabriel is in ecstatic convulsions. We keep him comfortable. Arden gets a gleam in his eye and touches the artifact. He falls over unconscious. Carter and Khiron appears to have visions, as they look dumbstruck with glazed eyes. Suddenly I am overwhelmed by my own vision.

It is the dark of space. There is a dark spaceship. It does not look like the Venture or Crucifix or any other ship we have come across. It looks more like a rock, what Carter calls an asteroid. There is a chamber inside. There are many gate keys. One in particular catches my attention. It is the central key, ancient, with patina and tarnish. The key leads to somewhere important. I cannot hold onto the vision. I am falling away from it. The last bit I get is the ship’s name, Scion.

We gather ourselves and head back to Marfos, the capital city. We contact Gromes and are told the Inquisitors came around asking about us. Time to move (damn Gabriel). Marfos is a canyon town, built along the sides of the cliff face. The higher you go, the better the view, and obviously costlier. Nobles always want to look down upon you. When our train rolls into the station, I notice something a little odd. There are stacks of coffins on the platform, except, they are also guarded. Why would dead bodies need guards?

We decide to track down the geologist Marva Tregga. We visit her office at Kastamir Associates. We learn that she came back a week ago, spoke with the senior partner, and left in a hurry. Arden and Carter turn on the charm and the man mentions that her office is not locked. Hmm… In Marva’s office, Carter finds a mislabeled blue jade stone. Would she really have made such a mistake. It’s a clue so Carter pockets the stone. We find nothing else so we leave.

I get a sense that we are being watched, and sure enough there is a watcher. Arden uses his timey wimey powers to observe. The watcher is Grey Squirrel and he calls someone named Big Daddy. We decide to split up to get rid of the watcher and the trackers he called in. I manage to give them the slip after pretending to shop in the market area, then bolting away.

I meet up with the rest of the group and head to Marva’s domicile. Turns out it’s also being watched. What has this girl gotten herself into? Carter scouts by doing his ghost thing, and Arden and I slip in from the back door. The place looks tossed. We leave a message for her, just in case she returns, for a secure meeting location, her favorite food place.

We do some more digging around. Ralston K was mentioned before. It’s where she shipped equipment before. At first the shipper knows nothing about it but it turns out that it’s a secure site for Vrestag Industrial. It’s unlikely that Marva headed back there.

We decide to split up. Arden and Carter head up to the Venture. Carter needs Venture to analyze the blue jade. He also really wants to go into mercantile trade. He’s going to have Venture make things to sell. Meanwhile Khiron is gathering up local salvage and busy repairing things. I get sentry duty as I watch the food place for any sign of Marva. Good thing I have a partner I can talk to at any time. “So Venture, tell me more about your security protocols. What kind of external threat assessment do you do when you first encounter another spaceship? Internally, what do you do when a ‘guest’ arrives?”


Hello again crewmember Olis.

External threats are assessed by a series of categorization according to their profile and emissions. Venture has a suite of sensors along the EM band, allowing me to analyze a tango from a wide variety of perspectives. One of the problems I have run into is my default rules for categorizing vessels has overfilled the associative data array for derelict vessels. As such I have had to dynamically restructure classifications to reflect the reality of this system.

Given all of that I analyse vessels using optical, radio, ultraviolet and gravimetric sensors giving me an fairly accurate profile of their capabilities, or lack thereof.

Venture can meet threats generally with twin rail cannons on a forward mount. On top of that this vessel was printed to military specifications giving it significantly more structural integrity than a standard Dominion civilian vessel. Further Venture is outfitted with significantly improved radiation and electromagnetic shielding to support the Skip Drive’s specifications. While Venture has a power signature that could support a more significant armament this is decidedly not a combat vessel, and as such has no close in anti fighter weapon mounts. Therefore, Venture is really build to flee conflict more than anything.

Venture also has a suite of sensors to for sentients who board Venture. These include biomedical and energy scans. Whenever you all arrive back on Venture I am able to examine your biota including exhalations and pheromonal profile in order to monitor any changes in your overall health looking for parasitic, viral and bacterial infections. Venture also provides me data via your waste and when your clothes are washed around your general health.

As to dealing with threats Venture relies on the crew for general security. I can help with analysis and I update the security station on main deck. Other than that there are lock down protocols to systems and compartments, but again, this is not a fully fledged military vessel with internal anti-boarding systems.

What else would you like to know?

Blue Jade

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