Thousand Dying Suns


Olis recordings; these cleaners take pride in their work

Carter and Arden reports that the blue jade appears to take on properties of whoever is touching it. As a result, it was able to ghost like Carter. Later when they come back from Venture, Khiron tries to use the blue jade. I had no idea he had powers! He’s able to move the blue jade with his mind! He’s also able to make mental links, similar to Thorne. He also reveals that normally he has to touch the person to form the link but the blue jade can act on his stead. He calls it a psionic amplifier but I have no idea what that means.

A week has passed and no sign of Marva. What to do next? Thorne goes to track the shipment I saw on the platform. Carter decides to tail Throne. Probably a good idea since he has a way of attracting trouble.

Well, I guess there was trouble. We hear an explosion in the distance and Thorne suddenly appears in our midst, all smoldering, in the literal sense. He’s slightly panicked and babbles about cyborg ninja bayonets. What? Get a grip on yourself, man… or, uh, woman since Thorne is distinctly feminine at this point. We get the short version which is s/he managed to seduce a platform worker into showing s/him the records and found that the blue jade came from Kolono. However, the worker was killed by an assassin. Thorne tried to retaliate with mind control only to find the assassin immune to it. S/he then tried his blast power, which is also nimbly dodged but leads to a massive explosion. S/he’s also been shot in the firefight. S/he managed to portal her way back to us. Uh… so where’s Carter? That’s when we get the call from Carter. He is severely injured and requiring assistance. Khiron and I go fetch him. He is not a pretty sight. I manage to bandage him up a little, which gets him on his feet. Aware that there could be eyes on us, we bring him back to the hotel.

Carter and Thorne require rest. The next night a much healed Carter scouts the local warehouse where the blue jade was stored. There is no evidence of such a shipment. To be accurate, there is a chunk of information that is missing. Someone has been busy cleaning up.

We decide to check Kolono. It’s not listed on the railway map. We are introduced to Digby who really likes trains and everything about them. He finds out that Kolono is a mining site way out there, and the closest railway town is Diggage, which is in the middle of the desert.

We take the train to Diggage. The conductor asks a lot of questions. We pretend to be prospectors but it’s clear that we have no training and no equipment. The desert is apparently a lot harsher than we thought. I’m going to have to ask Venture about these places I’ve never experienced. Anyway, we’re on the train when we notice a giant smoke column rising in the distance. Carter asks Venture for information. There has been a giant explosion and Kolono has been destroyed. These people are really trying hard to remove all traces of the blue jade. Venture detects a black helikopter (it’s a flying vehicle) flying away from the explosion, heading towards the direction of Fort Loid.

I feel we are always a step or two behind these cleaners. Our current plan is to disembark at Diggage and rent/hire utes and drive overland to Fort Loid. It’s the best we can do.


Video Recording left for Olis:

We are bi-gender/gender fluid. We are also a plurality.

Preferred pronouns: they/them

Also, shim isn’t a thing.


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