Thousand Dying Suns

Mad Max and The Cave of Wonders

Carter's Vlog

This will be a quick update as I stand in a cavern, amazed at what the current ‘civilization’ has obviously lost.

Bayonetta landed her black helicopter at Fort Lloyd after the bombing of Klono, murdered the crew, and then wandered into a bunker. That’s where things stand with that thanks to Venture’s surveillance.

We decided to drive overland to Fort Lloyd from Yellowtail. Naturally broke down, hacked a fix, then continued on until we met Khabri at a crossroad. He pointed out we were nuts. At his suggestion we diverted to Diamond Lake city as he had seen to blue jade before. In fact, he was the one who found the artifact initially.

• From the second epoch, the Anhoren civilization, who called it scry stone.

He took us to town for a night of debauchery, and then to the Whispering Cave Mine. The mine is from a Third Epoch civilization called the Gnair.

Lots of funky graffiti. Eventually found an odd cave with a stand and the shard remnants of a mirror which was evidently a portal. Still need to figure out how to unify thorns perceptions with ‘mainline’ physics which is apparently how this all worked. No inspiration yet.



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