Thousand Dying Suns

We stick out too much

Olis recording; miners, explosions, conspiracies, and super-golems

We head into spaceport town to explore. Immediately, and I mean immediately there is trouble. Thorne informs us that a Knight of St Hrond (heavily armed and armored) is tainted by the Unlife. And of course we are accosted by one Knight Maug (secret? Champion of Unlife?). How did he know? Sure, we look strange but no stranger than others. I have my suspicions. If Thorne can see them, they can see back. I will ask Thorne this. We manage to talk our way out of this, but we are clearly in their sights. The handgun and knife feel so small compared to the heavy plasma rifle and greataxe.

We come upon a gathering of people. They are complaining about House Arcturi and the rumor that we heard about the House betraying the miners. Suddenly, an explosion rips the place apart. The building is heavily damaged. We move to help. Of course, Gabriel calls upon powers beyond. I shake my head as yet again what we do attracts attention. He glows with the holy power and people notice. Meanwhile Thorne uses his surgeon’s skills to help the victims. It is utter chaos. I try to impose some amount of control over the situation and have some minor success. Arden informs us that he has peered into the past and found the bomber. Only, there were two attempts. The first, hidden attempt was the real bomb. The second, clumsy, identifiable attempt was meant to point the finger at the miners. Later, Gromes has secured us lodging. We decide to anonymously inform the Miner’s Union about the set up and real culprit.

We travel from the spaceport to Moorpoint, the seat of power for the Archbishop of this planet. There are many “tourists” as Arden calls them but I think many are pilgrims. They come to see what we have come to see, The Gargoyle. I had no idea it would be that big. It is, in essence, as tall as a small mountain at a thousand feet tall. Then the others tell me it is not a statue but an artifact. It is or was at one point a golem. I, I don’t even…



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