Perceptive Stealth Speaker Who Channels Divine Blessings


Might 16 (0)
Speed 20 (3)
Intellect 20 (3)
Effort 5

Smart: +2 to your Intellect Pool.
Skill: You have an eye for detail. You are trained in any task that involves finding or noticing small details.
Skill: You know a little about everything. You are trained in any task that involves identifying objects or calling to mind a minor detail or bit of trivia.
Skill: Your skill at making deductions can be imposing. You are trained in any task that involves intimidating another creature.
Inability: Your confidence comes off as arrogance to people who don’t know you. The difficulty of any task involving positive social interactions is increased by one step.

Tier 1: Practiced with Light and Medium Weapons, Encouragement, Interaction Skills (Persuading, Public speaking), Stealth Skills* (Stealth, Seeing through deception), Specialized in Stealth
Tier 2: Babel, Practiced in Armor, Speed Recovery
Tier 3: Discerning Mind, Evanesce*, From the Shadows*, Recovery rolls (+2)
Tier 4: Read the Signs, Preternatural Senses*, Trained in River Piloting
Tier 5: Adroit Cypher Use, Experienced in Armor, Skill With Attacks (Medium Ranged)

Tier 1: Divine Knowledge, Blessing of the Gods (Nature, Health)
Tier 2: Defensive Combat Training (Speed)
Tier 3: Divine Radiance
Tier 4: Overawe
Tier 5: Divine Intervention


Born to a craftsman’s family, Gabriel was given to the Solaren Faith in lieu of debts when they fell on hard times at the age of 7. He has since lost track of them, and had instead found solace in life in service to Thesme.

Gabriel’s early years were spent helping an elderly scholar in his religious studies, mostly running errands, organizing tomes, and learning to take quick, efficient notes. The long hours and difficult subjects kept his mind busy and off the loss of familial ties. His scholarly pursuits, however, came to an abrupt end with the death of his mentor, and he was sent off to a new post in the charge of another, more political priest who found his keen eye and memory as a scout of more value than his skills as a research assistant.

His new master was not as kind and doting as the old scholar had been, but Gabriel learned much of the world and the practice of politics. He befriended many of the locals, and so when his family’s debts were paid he spent time as a woodsman and guide. Such a simple life lost it’s appeal over time, and he decided to return to the Church to take the cloth.

His priestly training took him to a major cathedral, and there he found his faith in the Solarian Church challenged by the truths within the walls although his faith in the teachings of Thesme endures even through his many years of travels.


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