Graceful Adept who Fights and Bears a Halo of Fire


Stat Block
Effort 4
Might 10 : 0
Speed 16 : 1
Intellect 20 : 3


What does walking for an eternity mean when you are in a place where time seems to be frozen?

My companions and I escaped from the places of eternal darkness and the evil sentient trees thanks to a serpent man guide to the ‘Body of Ygg’. Who was Ygg and why were we traipsing on the corpse of a dead god? That is so far outside of everything I know I did the only thing I could, shrug and not worry about it.

So we walked. And walked. And then there was some sort of shock to the universe which sucked everyone else through the vortex. Except for me. Because Mr. Snakie dude grabbed ahold and said not you dearie, oh no not you. You’re ours.

Captured. With no friends. I don’t know maybe the snake creatures needed a virgin to sacrifice. I kept trying to tell them that I’m no longer qualified for that, but just like in Aldemere, no one believes a damn thing a woman says. Eventually poof I appeared with my captor in a circle of Serpents hissing their chants to their dead god. One raised a knife and…

What, you thought I died? That my story ended there?

No. They burned. All of those fuckers burned. I melted their bones and their knives and their stupid oh shocked faces to ash.

You think these assholes would learn.

Eventually the snake temple ran out of flammable things. I did find a couple who had hidden out and I was able to put them to The Question (ha. You thought I wasn’t paying attention lame ass inquisitors? You’re right. People can’t hide their thoughts when you break enough of their bones) and learned how to reopen the dimensional door.

Through I went. To where I didn’t care. As long as it was away from a million snake men and their pile of skulls I left as a present.

Another universe. Another world. This one was at least… interesting.

Thesme was back, but not worshiped by a bunch of bloody minded psychopaths.

Humans at least. Spoke of a Phoenix Empire – but it was far away via space dimension doors. Sounded interesting. We were out on the ‘verge’ as they called it. Even better. Little organized government. A place for traders and mercenaries and not many people who would tell you how to live if you could back yourself up. So I did what any sane girl would do; talked my way onto a ship by singeing the first shit who got grabby. That was enough to demonstrate to the Captain that I might be useful to bring along. From there learned about commodity trading, and fabber patterns which are tradeable and how to care for power armor and a big assed plasma cannon and vibro swords and all rest of the toys out here.

Over the past couple of years I’ve run into some good people. And some shits. Fell in love. Watched him die. Killed those responsible. Moved on to another system. Rinse and repeat I guess. All in all, not a bad life. There is mud and muck sometimes but there’s showers a warm food in between – a far cry from that shithole known as Aldemere.

Fine by me.

I’m still dodging the Inquisition because they dislike Theurgists (aka non mental mages who they don’t control). Some things don’t change. I’ll just stay out here on the Verge with my friends and the sane people. The Empire can control their core worlds, their minions and their masses. Of course there’s nothing worse to a controlling bastard than a bunch a people who aren’t under their thumb.

Here’s hoping we don’t ever have to test whose fire burns hotter.


Thousand Dying Suns Michael_Walsh_Issaquah