Thousand Dying Suns

A tall ship and a star to sail her by

Arden, Khiron, Thorne, Gabriel

Passing through Everywhere—or was it No-where, I can’t quite grasp it—the second time was quite a different experience. The first time the Entity held sway over our minds in the hopes of torturing us, although Thorne was able to quickly pull us away to the ‘safety’ of hir’s mind. The second time was disturbingly quiet, peaceful, even pleasant… until the ship returned to normal space. Then the pit of one’s stomach fell out and it took a moment to quell the nausea.

The ship felt more like a cathedral in space than it felt like a vehicle, and the sensation was of the world having shifted about you as you stood still. The image of the dark, dirty planet was gone, and in it’s place was a huge metal cross hanging in space above a blue and green marble. Thorne commented about how it must merely resemble a religious icon rather than purposely having been built as such, but there was a divine quality to it. Gathering our wits, it became clear that the ship had plans of it’s own and that we had better get a hold as best we could.

The lone survivor of the ship, the chief scientist, seemed as befuddled as the rest of us as to what had happened, but we at least had arrived in one piece—although Thorne insisted that some person named Mr. Dwight had disappeared, but Thorne has been taken with strange notions many times before. Arden confirmed that we had not moved through space but had cross through some portal between worlds.

Arden, Khiron, Thorne, and the lone survivor were able to determine some things about the new world below. It appeared to mostly be wilderness with isolated cities, and some evidence of technology and even ‘atomic power’ in places. There was some communication taking place in a particular location that the company focused the ship’s equipment on. Somehow the party was transported to the surface unexpectedly by the ship, putting them into the action in the middle of a skirmish between soliders and some beastmen rather than merely observing it from far above.

Thorne had sensed a magic object in the area, so the company quickly moved down toward the source. After some excavation, we discovered a case bearing a symbol that was uncannily like the Solarin Church, and the remains for four people. Thorne found one of the spirits trapped, and was able to glean that they were bearing a magical “key” which was mean to be transported to “Crucifix Station” but never made it. After a short battle with some beastmen-like creatures, the party moved away from the battle and to the safety of a quiet corner of the collapsing dome-covered forest.



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