Thousand Dying Suns

Ashes of the Phoenix Empire

There seems to be a minor... malfunction.

The first voyage of the Venture testing the Skip drive was a resounding success! Well, in that the drive worked to specifications. Unfortunately there were other variables which were not accounted for resulting in two problems; the vessel did not remain within our home dimension, and we picked up a… thing.

Long Story short, everyone died or evacuated and I ended up taking a 60-year nap in a bulkhead. I really have no idea how such a thing is possible but now I am evidently a superhero with matter phasing and manipulation abilities. It would make for a lovely BBC program honestly.

Nonetheless. I was eventually rescued not by Her Majesties Marines, but rather a rag-tag group of multi-dimensional travelers. And just as we got our hands on things the bloody ship hopped universes again.

Right. So I then went about reversing the fact that I had erased my access as per standard boarding protocols when the bloody ship Skipped us to the surface of… I have no clue.

We spent a bit of time faffing about in the woods tracking down some magical falafel and whatnot when a bloody flagless wog tried to brain me with an axe. Superior firepower carried that day. More faffing about until a tree nearly stepped on some of the fellows, then off we went to rescue sir Ambleton Hawkwood (I believe, I need check the spelling Jeeves has provided here) and his company from a wog hoard.

Explosions, superior firepower and grit carried the day!

One interesting bit, the new fellow by the name of Gabriel manifested his deity, while Thorne did a credible impression of a Dark Lord of Morgoroth. The local ladies were duly impressed, but Thorne failed their genetic tests and so no wenches for him.

Right. Before that we walked(!) to their Medieval outpost. Where they also have a metal printer and atomic forge but no idea how to create new plans. It was there we found out they were former members of the Phoenix Empire of Man, thousands of years from our time – who destroyed them with orbital bombardment for their rebellion and shut down their jump gate (which we may now have the magical key. My interest is piqued).

So this just because a cautionary tale. I’ll make certain to record it all. I assume my 200 TB buffer should handle it.

We met Lord Hawkwood and his hearth and forge priests, had our genes tested and then had a roll in the hay. Because they are desperately short of genetic diversity. I’d mention CRISPERing some new unique sequences using MedLab on the Venture but I’m afraid they’d find that offensive somehow.

We later determined that Bastion Citadel has a better collection of information (other than genealogy of Sir Hawkwood) so I proposed we make for that location (on bloody foot again!) while the Venture prints up a new shuttle. Especially since the Skip peer to peer system is behaving… erratically (I’d really rather not be responsible for any of my companions getting spliced or splinched. That would just be awkward).


Wut? Where u goin’? I’m pretty sure the party is heading to the Basilica of Saint Timon, not the Bastion Citadel.

Ashes of the Phoenix Empire

Really? Well I guess I was slightly distracted for that bit then. Nonetheless, we are still walking to some point off yonder. Thus the generalities of my observation is preserved.

Ashes of the Phoenix Empire

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