Thousand Dying Suns

Leftenant Bad-Touch and musings on the nature of things

Fortuitous time to level up

We spent a great deal of time hunting down some anomaly man. Must, at some point, get to the bottom of why people turn up like this. Usually more innocuous, but this one’s arrival registered for the others too. Something about a galaxy where they shout at their spaceships and everything is covered in words? He could understand us only when he rubbed our skin? Who designed that?

Imagine if we had to communicate in this way:

“Excuse me, I need to touch your bare flesh in order to have a conversation. Oh, what’s that, you have no idea what I’m saying?” – Rub rub rub – “Oh, now I understand you, why are you screaming ’don’t touch me, don’t touch me?’”

Anyway, Arden’s radio was squelching wrong, we flew the shuttle to a hill in a lightning storm, shit! Carter complained about not being able to see stuff, about everything not being British enough, about climbing the hill in the lightning storm. We did that, found Leftenant bad-touch and then went back to the church. Oh, also fought Bandersnatchers and dodged wild wooz with amazing wormholes. We wasted the better part of a day sorting out his arrival so not much time was left to crack any of the mysteries that will get us going.

Going to try and collect our thoughts on the next phase:

We discovered loads of interesting things hidden within the Basilica. Many of which are unresolved. Here:

1. Thumb-drive of Thesme – contains information, hopefully. No devices we currently have possess the requisite port save the Kindlenomicon, which is still locked to us. We need to either unlock said device or build an interface for another one of our devices.

2. Virus in the woodcarvings – This string of characters starts to try to overwrite any device it is scanned with. Frustratingly, our techno-mates are loathe to let it do that on their precious floating robot whatevers. This “virus” could be the key to many things. Maybe we should let it take over the robot part of our brain? Don’t think it would work though. If it did we might become a demon and kill everyone. Hardly ideal, so for sake of argument, we’ve got more to lose from it.

3. Kindlenomicon(the woodcarver) – A wizard’s e-reader. Filled with useful, forbidden lore, almost certainly. Magically locked and, we believe, keyed to said Wizard’s essence.

4. Summoning circle in the Shuttle (the Necromancer) – Summons a demon into the shuttle, effectively preventing us from leaving the planet. Meddling wizards!

5. Cryo-Coffin – Determine what is being held inside by the warding. See if there are ports for the Thumb-drive?

First thing should be unlocking the Kindlenomicon. It’s the safest(?) of the magical locks taunting us. It’s shrouded in the best sort of eldritch mystery: It’s locked and we had a wiggy dream about a shadow coming from it to molest us, like all the best grimoires do.

One hopes that, once unlocked, it may reveal secrets about the nature of the other magical traps and problems that we find ourselves faced with. To do this, we might somehow extrapolate a magical “profile” from what remnants we have of the magus, largely his artistry and spellcraft evidenced in the woodcarvings. One envisions an image of the caster left in the negative space of his works. Every spell, even seemingly identical, must be somehow unique to the caster, and given that we have multiple examples of his magic, that should be enough to form a simplistic mystical effigy or to imbue another being or item with a false magical “signature” – enough to fool the book. We might even be able to summon his spirit from wherever it’s gone. (Tier 5 ability, Call Otherworldly Spirit)

Along all of these lines, we have been pondering the metaphysical underpinnings of things. It remains our theory that the multiverse is organized in some fashion, that it has a collective structure or will or both. That existence is supposed to function in certain ways and when it doesn’t, beings and the like are utilized to correct these errors. It is our hope to function as an agent for this multiversal will and spend many long years traversing the furthest reaches of causality. We have been attempting to find the voice of this will – the resonance binding all this crazy shit together.

We believe we are hearing it, now. We are hearing something… (Tier 5 ability, Knowing the Unknown)



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