Thousand Dying Suns

More on the cave of Wonders

Carter's Vlog

Still not much to say. We headed back to Diamond Lake to meet up with Alistair and a bit of R&R. We discovered the new portal lead to the tomb of Icosal during our conversation. I was also able to make him a very happy scholar by sharing my recording of Thorne reading the ritual plaque – khiron was able to bodge together an interface between my PDA and his ‘betamax’ thing. The end result was some sort of archaic reel-to-reel recording on magnetic tape. Which means regardless it won’t last overly long so I’m not worried to much about it getting lost and falling into the wrong hands.

The next day we returned to the Whispering Cavern. Thorne proceeded to teleport away the cave in around the new portal so we could hop in and give it a go. This triggered a series of unfortunate events; everyone else was attacked while portaling by some sort of interdimensional foozle (it couldn’t smell me as I was not bothered during the transit). Worse, there were…. .sentient air beasts on the other side of the portal who wanted to see the fire inside the mud people (us). As you can imagine, fire extraction is not exactly a peaceful process.

Much confusion, chaos and conflict ensued – resulting in us driving off or destroying the beasties. Now on to the next thing….



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