Thousand Dying Suns

The Caper

KindleNomicon Audio+Text entry - Thorne

We’re not entirely certain what lesson might be learned from this unfortunate Lizard-man Geas. Don’t search for spirits? Don’t Interact with them? Obviously that’s not an option for us. In a sense, this compulsion is something worth doing; transporting the remains of a lost soul across the galaxy so that it might finally know peace. But we hate having to do a thing. Give us an opportunity and we’ll jump at it, tell us we have to do a thing we probably would have done otherwise and we balk. Maybe there’s a lesson in that somewhere? The idea of free will is more important than the actuality of it? To perceive ones own actions as unconstrained is the actual desired state, even more than the truth of that perception?

Speaking of unconstrained action, we had a genuine caper! This was brought on by the unfortunate realization that Gromes wasn’t where we left him and his com signal was coming from Moorpoint – home of the Gargoyle tourism bureau and the Churchiest place on this rock. This led to a Geas fueled argument about whether or not it’s our responsibility to go and rescue him. Turns out, it is. So we did.

So, here’s the breakdown on the steps of the Great Church infiltration:

1. Seduce a priest and steal his frock and knowledge of the church.
Complications arose when we discovered the priest was a glorified repairman and in order to pose as his crew we needed to know how or if he would go about hiring non-church types. Because we left him naked and muddled, he called the police. They were there when we returned. Despite our fabulous cover story they were suspicious of us and so we had to erase their memories of our arrival. This worked, but left them with a nude priest in the back of their car, whom they didn’t notice for some time.

2. Jumpsuits for everyone

3. Looking up and forging documents for a churchy repair crew.

4. Turning up dressed as a priest and work crew with forged documents.(it worked! Also, yay blasphemy!)

5. Finding the access tunnels and using them to make our way to the cells.

6. Detonating a powerful EMP device, disabling all unshielded electronics in the city, including loads of really cheap cybernetic augmentations the Crimson hound guards were loaded with. This led to lots of unfortunate dying on their part, but also some timely disability for us. We lied to them, a lot, and got our friend Gromes out amidst the chaos.

7. ???

8. Profit

We’ve struggled with situations like this in the past, but for the first time, we really seem to be coming together as a group. We’re proud of everyone and proud we rescued Gromes. Despite the flagrant law breaking and possible accidental murdering of scores of augmented guards, this feels like a great moment for us.


Don’t forget that someone upstairs in the bigwig section was radiating unlifeness. If ever there was an big of the cosmos screaming its foreshadowing ,that was a prime example.

The Caper

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