Thousand Dying Suns

The Death Throes of the Imp?

KindleNomicon Audio+Text entry - Thorne

So we talked and they listened and now we have a logical choice for Captain and for XO; Carter and Arden, respectively. This seems almost as it should be. We might have preferred it the other way round, but that’s what opening things up to democracy means. It’s funny, they thought we wanted to be Captain. Have we presented ourselves as someone who wants to control them? Maybe in as much as we cause things to happen that maybe not everyone wants to happen. That’s a bit subversive. Maybe that’s why.

But thinking on the implications there, we do need to change. We have gotten what we wanted. A means to move vast distances and possibly even to travel between dimensions. We are delivered unto a new reality. We have been shown that cosmic forces move in the Multiverse and we have been given the opportunity to manipulate them for the good of the powerless. What we always suspected is true. So this imp that we present as, It’s got to be reigned in. If we are to play the role of the Wise, we must project wisdom. We know enough, and have seen enough, to do it. But the urge to pick at the seams of everything is so great. We have been so long at playing the malcontent that we’ve almost forgotten that something would be required of us when we removed all the things we were not content with.

So, the Carver was a force for change in the Universe and she has given us the means to be the same. This has to start with proving to those who have come with us that we can be that force. So, the imp must show restraint. It can’t really die, not really. But it can’t color our interactions with our companions and those whom we meet to the extent that it has. We need to be able to be relied upon for more than mystic nonsense and chaos. We are a source of knowledge and Wisdom. Our bearing must reflect that. For good cause.

Even now, some of us, all of us historically, have made decisions because they are safe or pragmatic or efficient. When we (Erasmus and Chezza) were split, we made every decision to be made whole once more, caring nothing for the larger implications. But in our (the Party’s) encounter with the bugs, it was made wholly apparent to us that the time for us to make safe decisions had passed. We have to care. We have to seek to understand. We have to put ourselves in the role of potential enemies and ask “why do they do this?” If the answer is anything less than malice or allegiance with the Unlife, we must show restraint and compassion. We perch on the fulcrum of cosmic events and we must not be petty or safe in our actions or thoughts.

Then, and only then, can we start to work against the forces that have beset this place, and lift the people suffering under them up. The Eldar have corrupted the Church Celestial, the Emperor and the Noble houses. At least, that was the state of things when Carver was last here, and nothing so far indicates that this has changed, only progressed further.

So as we go, we must try to gain a clearer picture of how those corrupted forces interact and at the same time seek the key, determine what it opens, and whether or not the door will solve the problems in this place or make them worse.

We can’t wait to begin.

“There is no passion in nature so demoniacally impatient, as that of him who, shuddering upon the edge of a precipice, thus meditates a Plunge.”
-Edgar Allan Poe, The Imp of the Perverse



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