Thousand Dying Suns

Unicorns barf rainbows

Olis recordings, in the lantern cave

Our request to Venture for our heavy weapons was accepted but… it’s going to take a few days before Venture can make a capsule that can be dropped from orbit. So we decide to continue exploring the lantern cave.

I turn the central sarcophagus to point at the Indigo alcove. A five foot diameter metal cylinder rises from the floor. Inside are crushed bones and clothes and a pouch filled with ancient coins and a ruby.

Next we point the sarcophagus to the Yellow alcove. The cylinder appears and others call it an elevator. Some of the others can squeeze in two at a time but with my bulk, I descend alone. Down below there is a chamber with twenty foot ceilings. The walls are covered in reliefs of androgynous humanoids. I think they are paying homage to something? A passage out is blocked by a block of stone, perhaps a triggered trap? Carter phases through and reports nothing unusual so Thorne portals us past the stone block. Carter is attacked by some sort of tenticular monster with eyes but we make short work of it. We enter a large chamber with a central pillar. There are other exits to the right and left. As we approach the pillar, the room gets cold, really cold. The pillar is covered in frost and something else, which turns out to be the frost moss we (Thorne and myself) hand encountered on Mount Bubi so long ago on Aldamere. We warn the others away from it. We can see that the central pillar has indentations. I think the right side one is a wash basin. Was this someone’s bed chambers? Further exploration does reveal stone bed and a stone armoire. It is a bedroom. We find the skeletal remains of a body. Gabriel’s sharp eyes find a silver charm and two wands. Thorne claims they are minor magical items [Cyphers].

On the opposite side of the room is a red pedestal with a black stone egg. Thorne of course has to touch it and it turns into an elemental… a very angry elemental. Somehow Thorne manages to use his Kindlenomicon to understand its rumblings. Apparently it is pretty angry at being stuck here for a long time. It cannot leave the room as there is some sort of threshold. Thorne creates a portal out of the room to bypass the wards, and I walk through it to demonstrate the portal’s safety, and the elemental follows through. It rumbles in joy (I think) and sinks into the floor to go wherever that elementals go. We return to the sarcophagus room.

We point the sarcophagus to the Green alcove. Grinding sounds are heard. We remove the stone slab from where the cylinder usually emerges. It is stuck below about thirty feet down. Gabriel ties me a rope and I get lowered to see if I might be able to free it. I manage to do so but almost fall. Just then, I catch sight of something scurrying up the shaft. I cannot avoid them and their touch burns. I can hear hissing sound as parts of my armor bubble [medium armor reduced to light armor from damage). They are exuding some sort of acid it seems. And of course, one of them touches the rope and it breaks [Free Intrusion]. I take a hard landing thirty feet below. I am confronted by two giant spider like thing, only with much meatier legs and the body is a giant eye. I pick myself up the floor and manage to stomp one, but they are tougher than they look. I can hear fighting above as I try to avoid these spider things sharp claws. Eventually I see the telltale signs of Thorne’s portal opening above my head. The others join the fray and we make short work of the spider things, including the third one that joined.



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