Thousand Dying Suns

Zero Gee and Ehi-Eye

Olis recordings, in space

Floating in space is a strange feeling. There is not up or down. Carter calls is Zero Gee. I asked why Gee? He said the Gee stood for Gravity. Then why not call is Zero Gravity? Anyway, at first I did not feel good. But I remembered this old sailor trick, to look beyond what’s near you. Well, that did not work since beyond is nothing and I could taste the bile rising. Then as I looked down at my feet, I thought to myself, my feet are the ground. Then things got better. I tried moving around and it’s hard. You move one part of the body and the rest of the body follows. It does not stay put. You need to move really slow. Or you need to have something to push off of. I’m not even sure how I would fight. We are in the dock area of the station so I can push off of walls to move around. That is neat. You can sail across from floor to ceiling. The problem is when you get to the other side. I almost smashed my head into the ceiling. Thankfully the helmet of the “suit” protected my head. Although, this “suit” is uncomfortable in places. It’s too tight. It feels like I’m not wearing things. It feels too open. It feels vulnerable. According to Thorne, I would blow up without it. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but without the “suit” we cannot be in space. So I wear this ridiculous outfit. Anyway, I’m getting the hang of moving in Zero Gee (Ping! Olis gains two point skill, 0-G Maneuvering).

Right, so we are up in space. We managed to get off the earth in the flying craft. Much repairs were needed, which mainly involved Khiron cursing a lot, but it can now fly into space. So we were able to get to Carter’s ship. Well, he says it’s his ship but who really knows. Thorne was upset that E.L.I.S. seems to not be there anymore. Something about being taken in or becoming part of Ehi-Eye. The ship talks so that must be her name. But I thought she already had a name, Venture. Maybe Carter’s world’s ships have two names?

We could have gone to two places. The location on the map we found, which is further away, or to Crucifix Station. It’s closer so we went to the station. It is huge! The place seems abandoned but Carter asked Ehi-Eye and she said that there is movement on board the station. So there are things hiding in the abandoned station. Carter starts talking about docking the ship or taking the small craft out or putting up a line. At which point Thorne got bored and decided to portal himself over. I felt a sudden pull. I tried resisting but it felt like it was going to tear my arm off so I went with it. And that’s how Thorne and I got over to the station’s empty docking bay.



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