Arden Tindal

time/dimension traveling mercenary searching for a cause


I am a Graceful Explorer who Travels through Time

Tier: 4
Effort: 4
Might: 14 Edge: 0
Speed: 16 Edge: 2
Intellect: 20 Edge: 4

Tier 1:
Practiced with all Weapons
Hacker (2 Int)
Machine Interface (2 Int)
Extra Edge
Knowledge Skills(computers, machines)
Practiced with Armor
Tinker (1 Int)
Anticipation (1 Int)

Tier 2
Serv-O Repair
Extra Skill
Machine Efficiency(3 Int)
See History ( 4 Int)

Tier 3
Serv-o Scanner(2Int)
Skill with medium ranged
Skill with heavy ranged
Wrest from Chance
Think your way out
Temporal Acceleration (5 int)

Tier 4
Read the Signs (4 Int)
Serv-o Spy (3 Int)
Serv-o Aim
Multiple Skills
Temporal Dislocation (7 Int)


Arden Tindal

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