Captain Leontios I09

Leontios is a Graceful, Stealth flavored Warrior who Moves Like a Cat


Might: Pool 12, Edge 1
Speed: Pool 25, Edge 3
Intellect: Pool 10, Edge 0
Effort 3

Agile: +2 to your Speed Pool.
Skill: You’re trained in all tasks involving balance and careful movement.
Skill: You’re trained in all tasks involving physical performing arts.
Skill: You’re trained in all Speed defense tasks.

Effort: Your Effort is 1.
Physical Nature: You have a Might Edge of 1, Speed Edge of 0, and an Intellect Edge of 0.
Cypher Use: You can bear two cyphers at a time.
Practiced With All Weapons: You can use any weapon. Enabler.
Starting Equipment: Appropriate clothing and two weapons of your choice, plus one expensive item, two moderately priced items, and up to four inexpensive items.
Special Abilities: Choose four。
No Need for Weapons: When you make an unarmed attack (such as a punch or kick or natural weapons), it counts as a medium weapon instead of a light weapon. Enabler.
Practiced in Armor: You can wear armor for long periods of time without tiring and can compensate for slowed reactions from wearing armor. You can wear any kind of armor. You reduce the Speed cost for wearing armor by 1. You start the game with a type of armor of your choice. Enabler.
[Stealth] Danger Sense (1 Speed point): The difficulty of your initiative roll is reduced by one step. Enabler.
[Stealth] Opportunist: You have an asset on any attack roll you make against a creature that has already been attacked at some point during the round and is within immediate range. Enabler.
Increasing Capabilities: +4 to Pool
Moving Toward Perfection: +1 to Edge: Speed
Extra Effort: +1 Effort
Option: Select a new type-based ability from your tier or a lower tier.
[Stealth] Fleet of Foot: If you succeed at a difficulty 2 Speed roll to run, you can move a short distance and take an action in the same round. Enabler.

Special Abilities: Choose two.
Skill With Attacks: You are trained in attacks using your natural weapons. Enabler.
Skill With Defense: Choose one type of defense task in which you are not already trained: Might. You are trained in defense tasks of that type. Enabler.
Increasing Capabilities: +4 to Pool
Moving Toward Perfection: +1 to Edge: Speed
Extra Effort: +1 Effort
Option: Select a new type-based ability from your tier or a lower tier.
[Stealth] Stealth Skills: You are trained in two skills: seeing through deception, stealth.

Choose three.
Fury (3 Might points): For the next minute, all melee attacks you make inflict 2 additional points of damage. Action to Initiate
Seize the Moment (4+ Speed points): If you succeed on a Speed defense roll to resist an attack, you gain an action. You can use the action immediately even if you have already taken a turn in the round. You don’t take an action during the next round, unless you apply a level of Effort when you use Seize the Moment. Enabler.
[Stealth] Subterfuge: When you move no more than a short distance, you can move without making a sound, regardless of the surface you move across. Enabler.
Option: Add 2 to your recovery rolls.
Skill (2 pt): Night vision
Skill (2 pt): Scent

Minor Effect Suggestion: You restore 2 points to your Speed Pool.
Major Effect Suggestion: You can take a second action this round.
Tier 1:
Reflexes You gain 3 additional points to your Speed Pool. Enabler.
Balance. You are trained in balancing. Enabler.
Tier 2:
Movement. You are trained in climbing and jumping. Enabler.
Safe Fall. You reduce the damage from a fall by 5 points. Enabler.
Tier 3:
Greater Reflexes. You gain 1 to your Speed Edge. Enabler.
Bringing the Pain (substitute): You deal 1 additional point of damage with every attack you make. Enabler.

Lightweight Body Armor
Bow (collapsible, compound)
Optic camouflage suit


Captain Leontios I09

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