Sir Athelstan Hawkwood

A bold and dashing knight of Old Damaina


Middle son to Lord Percival Hawkwood, the Baron of Damaina.

Sir Athelstan Hawkwood is a Naive Explorer who Fights with Panache
Tier 4 Explorer
Effort 4

MIGHT Pool 18, Edge 2
SPEED Pool 14, Edge 1
INTELLECT Pool 14, Edge 1

RECOVERY ROLL: 1d6+7 (4 for tier, 1 for fresh, 2 for lvl up bonus @ 3rd)
__1 Action __1 Action __1 Hour __10 Hours

Climb – Trained
Jump – Trained
Medium Bladed Weapons – Trained
Tracking – Trained
Speed Defense – Trained
Riding – Trained
Intellect Defense – Trained
Resist Temptation – Trained
Perception – Trained
Knowledge Nobility – Trained
Knowledge Religion – Trained
Navigation – Trained
Charm – Trained
Detect Deception/Secret Motive – Inability

Practiced With Light and Medium Weapons
Practiced in Armor
Block (3 Speed points)
Attack Flourish
Escape (2 Speed points)
Quick Recovery
Quick Block
Run and Fight (4 Might points)
Seize Opportunity (4 Speed points)
Acrobatic Attack (3 Speed points)
Capable Warrior
Increased Effects
Mobile Fighter (3 Speed points)

Rapier Trained 7 Dmg
Longbow Practiced 7 Dmg

Chain-mail 2 Armor

You’ve lived a sheltered life. Your childhood was safe and secure, so you didn’t get a chance to learn much about the world—and even less chance to experience it. Whether you were training for something, had your nose in a book, or just were sequestered in a secluded place, you haven’t done much, met many people, or seen many interesting things so far. That’s probably going to change soon, but as you go forward into a larger world, you do so without some of the understanding that others possess about how it all works.

You gain the following characteristics:
Fresh: You add +1 to your recovery rolls.
Incorruptible: You are trained in Intellect defense tasks and all tasks that involve
resisting temptation.
Skill: You’re wide-eyed. You are trained in perception tasks.
Inability: The difficulty of any task that involves seeing through deceptions or
determining someone’s secret motive is increased by one step.

Tier 1
Cypher Use: You can bear two cyphers at a time.
Practiced With Light and Medium Weapons: You can use light and medium weapons without penalty. If you wield a heavy weapon, increase the difficulty of the attack by one step. Enabler.
Practiced in Armor: You can wear armor for long periods of time without tiring
and can compensate for slowed reactions from wearing armor. You can wear any kind of armor. You reduce the Speed cost for wearing armor by 1. You start the game with armor of your choice. Enabler.
Block (3 Speed points): You automatically block the next melee attack made against you within the next minute. Action to initiate.

Tier 2
Escape (2 Speed points): You slip your restraints, squeeze through the bars, break the grip of a creature holding you, pull free from sucking quicksand, or otherwise get loose from whatever is holding you in place. Action.
Quick Recovery: Your second recovery roll (usually requiring ten minutes) is only a single action, just like the frst roll. Enabler

Tier 3
Run and Fight (4 Might points): You can move a short distance and make a melee attack that inflicts 2 additional points of damage. Action.
Seize Opportunity (4 Speed points): If you succeed on a Speed defense roll to
resist an attack, you gain an action. You can use it immediately even if you have already taken a turn in the round. If you use this action to attack, the difficulty of your attack is reduced by one step. You don’t take an action during the next round. Enabler.

Tier 4
Capable Warrior: Your attacks deal 1 additional point of damage. Enabler.
Increased Effects: You treat rolls of natural 19 as rolls of natural 20 for either Might actions or Speed actions (your choice when you gain this ability). This allows you to gain a major effect on a natural 19 or 20. Enabler.

Tier 1: Attack Flourish: With your attack, you add stylish moves, entertaining quips, or a certain something that entertains or impresses others. Choose any number of creatures within short range who can see you; each of them gains a +1 bonus to its next die roll. Enabler.
Tier 2: Quick Block: If you use a light or medium weapon, the difficulty of your
Speed defense actions is decreased by one step. Enabler.
Tier 3: Acrobatic Attack (3 Speed points): You leap into the attack, twisting or flipping through the air. This motion decreases the difficulty of your attack by one step. If you roll a natural 17 or 18, you can choose to have a minor effect rather than deal extra damage. You can’t use this ability if your Speed is modified from wearing armor. Enabler.
Tier 4: Mobile Fighter (3 Speed points): As part of your attack, you can leap on
or over obstacles, swing from ropes, run along narrow surfaces, or otherwise move around the battlefield at your normal speed



Sir Athelstan Hawkwood

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