Thorne (Erasmus and Chezza)

Gender-fluid maniacal forward progress advocate


I am a Weird Adept who Shepherds Spirits

Tier: 4
Effort: 4
Might: 10, Edge: 0
Speed: 12, Edge: 0
Intellect: 30, Edge: 4

Tier 1
Scan, Ward, Mental Link*, Erase Memories
Sense for the weird/Third Eye
Questions the Spirits

Tier 2
Mind Reading
Spirit Accomplice

Tier 3
Fire and Ice, Flash (lvl 2)
Command Spirit/Animate Dead

Tier 4
Mind Control, Wormhole
Wraith Cloak


Aldamere doesn’t define us. Broken Earth doesn’t constrain us.

We have transcended the wretched mud that birthed us and escaped the clutching, greedy hands of the world that would have burned us for daring to stand apart.

There was a time when we were shattered. A moment where it seemed we would be broken forever. But that has passed. Whatever remnant we left behind, unimportant, forgotten. The whole is all that works. But it never worked there.

Religion is the disease that infects the multiverse. We tried to find it for ourselves and failed. Because we can never believe in anything greater than ourselves? Perhaps. We are beautiful and unique. We were shown our singular nature. Chosen of machine gods and the Universe itself. Self-aggrandizing and delusional to the point where we think we actually matter? In the end we keep moving forward.

Always forward.

Thorne (Erasmus and Chezza)

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