Thousand Dying Suns

Getting exploded is not fun

Carter's Vlog

Here we are, poking our noses into the random underbelly of the underworld of this Empire of Man.

We’ve been following the shipments of the ‘Blue Jade’ found by Marga Treva, which has lead to a continuous series of increasing escapades.

In short I’ve

  • Done a bit of B&E at a warehouse to find data on the Blue Jade shippers
  • * Sister Magyar is who signed off on the shipment manifest.
  • Got exploded when tailing Thornetta when she was interrogating an working for info.
    • A merc squad lead by an enhanced woman interrupted Thorne. Their goal was to cover the tracks of the blue jade shipment.
  • made it out to Kolono, and from there Dogitch only to find out the mine was destroyed by black helicopters, lead by the enhanced woman.

Which leads us to now – driving across this mega desert in ‘Utes’ (Land Rangers really) headed to Fort Loyd where she was headed next.

I’m not certain what we hope to accomplish but it certainly will be exciting!

Perhaps as part of this we can Rescue the Fair Maiden Archeologist from the Clutches of the Evil Corporations! Excitement! Thrills! Pow! Crash!

We’re staring in our own pulp novel.

Our fundamental problem is we are a good three steps behind whomever is responsible for all of this – and we have no idea what their goals are (other than covering the tracks to the meta-material)

I hope we find Ms. Treva and I hope we understand who and what we are meddling with soon.

I could really go for a spot of tea.



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