Thousand Dying Suns

N8 Internal Log 20171011

Below the Temple of Mitra

Zamia finds and follows the wires from the trap door to loose stone in the ceilings. Khiron disarm the traps successfully This one is standing by the entrance when nets fall upon him. There are three men in white robes with lion headed pendants. However Zamia charms them. The men are named Thorndike (seedy), Andretti (greedy), and Anslim (weedy). They claim to be acolytes of the Mitra (lies) and serve Master Cornelius (probably the real head priest they murdered). They insist on leading the party down the trapdoor. Zamia’s manipulation of their egos is quite effective.

There is a large intricate door with jewels. Greed rolls off the acolyte and Thorndike cannot hold himself back. As soon as he touches the door, a golden warrior steps out. It commands us to stop defiling the temple, naming itself Holomere Goldheart. It stabs Thorndike. Anslim attempt to flee but Zamia stop him. He too is stabbed. Wounded Thorndike calls upon foul magics to plunge the room into darkness. However Khiron counters with a chant of his own disrupting the darkness. Andretti runs away. This one attempts to block his way out but was too slow. Andretti climbs up the ladder. This one chases him, barely dodging his foul magic on the ladder.

This one ducks a pew being swung at his head when he climbs back into the temple proper. There is another besides Andretti. This one strikes true. Facial bones break and there is one less opponent. The Andretti chants and darkness fills the temple. This one will not let him escape. Moving as fast as possible in the pitch dark in a room filled with pews, this one reaches the only entrance. The darkness does not extend beyond the temple and there is no sight of Andretti. In the village, dark robed figures appear to roam. This one hides while waiting for Andretti to make a break for it. Which he does, yelling and screaming. That is short lived as a dash and a strike brings him down. The others have noticed this commotion so this one drags the dead acolyte back towards the temple. This one targets one of the sheriff’s men but the rock bounces off his armor. This one yells, “Thou shall not have the treasures of the temple!” and walk back into the darkness. This one rejoins his companions beneath the trapdoor dropping the dead acolyte before him. The others have befriended two necrophages (Ghouls named Bendris and Cordelia). They recount the tales of the land.

Centuries ago the White Tower of Mitra stood. A village grew up around it. But followers of Set called upon their gods and a Black Tower of Set appeared and destroyed the village. The gods were offended and both towers sunk into the sands. The golden doors we stand before are the entrance to the White Tower. Those seeking the treasures of the towers created a new village. They dug for buried treasures. They found something but it cursed them with ageless bodies but tying them to the land. Leaving the area will cause those from the village to turn to dust. Three stones are the source of this curse.

Goldheart returns and offers the Knucklebones of Moffitt to the most pious. Khiron takes it. Apparently it can summon the Lion of Mitra, Moffitt of the Highlands. Khiron tries it and a ghostly figure emerges. The figure is seven feet tall, wearing golden platemail, armed with a wo handed sword, with cat like golden eyes, gloden hair in twin tails, and an enormous braided handlebar moustache. He can be summoned to fight against Set.

The necrophages lead us to Phreddie, their leader. The Settites feed them the dead from the passage beyond. There is a large statue of Mitra holding a snake and a scroll tube. Khiron detects that the scroll tube is in fact not affixed. He finds four invisible gem stones and and a map.



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