Thousand Dying Suns

N8 Internal Log 20171018

In the Tunnels

This one notices a glint of metal down a side corridor. Cordelia says there is a metal spider that they avoid. The area is filled with metallic webs. Unfortunately Khiron gets stuck and the metal spider attacks, coming out from the wall. It cannot be. The wall is not real and this one is able to slip into a surprisingly large chamber. The spider is defeated. Examination of the chamber reveal several bundles of webs, the spider’s victims. One moves and Caitlyn phases him out of the web.
Roofo is simple in the head. He claims that Arachris (priest of Set) was going to sacrifice Skillvashra (pretty girl) and Roofo wanted to save her. But he got lost and was captured by the spider. He agrees to lead us to the Temple of Set.

Roofo heads down the tunnel to where the necrophages collect the bodies. There the sheriff and his five men attack us. The sheriff is unnaturally fast. This one can barely dodge his strikes. Even then, the barest scratch injures this body as stone chips fly away. Gabriel paralyzes one of the deputies. The others manage to bring one down. This one sacrifices accuracy for power. The strike is true and the sheriff looks surprised. Then the coward calls for a retreat. He moves so fast but his deputies are not. Another one falls but two get away. We capture the paralyzed one.

The captive is belligerent and uncooperative. However he lets slip that “magics” enhance the sheriff. The thought of murdering the captive is distasteful this one. Apparently so do the others. The deputy walks away but should our paths cross again in battle, there will be a reckoning.

Further down the tunnel, Khiron finds a secret door. It is keyed to a specific object but Caitlyn is able to “summon” it out of thin air. The lion headed signet ring fits perfectly into the door to a crypt. The room appears looted as the sarcophagus is filled with riches while the bones are thrown into the corner of the room. The many coins would likely be from those captured travelers who have been sacrificed to Set. The room has a passage way out. It ends abruptly but there must be another secret door. It is heavy but it can be opened.

Beyond the door we see black curtains. Caitlyn ghost her way in but the large room is empty, the braziers unlit. Roofo says there are stairs that lead up to the manor. He says a password is needed to be safe. He teaches us the password but this one is dubious of the simpleton’s memory. Despite the password, as soon as we cross the braziers, skeletal beings appear and attack us. They are extremely fast. Khiron summons forth Moffitt who gleefully joins the battle. With his help, the party is victorious.



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