Thousand Dying Suns

Olis Conversations with Venture

5 weeks of boredom

Venture, this is security chief Olis. Any changes… I mean significant changes to report since yesterday?
I see. How many days do we have until arrival?
Three… more… weeks.
Alright, this is driving me nuts. When I was in the Khallan campaign, we were stuck in place for a long time.. We had a lot of time to kill. Oh, the nobles kept us busy with crap work. But even then, there were still more time to kill. We practically had a little village. Sure, we had cobblers and coopers and smiths. That’s all necessary for the campaign. And camp followers, of course. But I’m talking about farming. We had a little vegetable patch we were tending. Nothing fancy but things that will grow fast, like radishes. We had a mason. He actually made bricks from that crappy mud. And we turned those bricks into an oven. And the baker made those flat breads in that oven. They sold well. We mostly kept those activities secret from the nobles. They would only muck it up. Anyway, the point is that even bored, we had a lot we could do. Here on this ship, it’s more like a sailing ship, but even smaller. We can’t go outside of the ship to fish. Wait, unless there is something to fish on the outside?
No, I didn’t think so.
You’re right, I need a project. Let’s look at this sword I picked up in the Lantern Dungeon. Tell me what it’s made from… in words I would understand.
Hmm… so nothing really special about it despite being used by a millenia old golem.
OK, next project. Armor. Tell me about the armor and space suits the normal crew would wear on your ships. I know about those skin tight suits that the others wear.
No, I don’t like them because it makes me feel too exposed. But I am curious how something as thin as a woolen shirt can provide protection like mail.
Nano-weave? So thin and really tough.
Venture, you’ve been able to create the ballistic armor I picked up on Khiron’s world with relative ease. Does that mean the material is easier to manufacture?
I see, less sophisticated. So what do the marines on your ships wear when going into combat?
Stop. What is this battle armor you speak of? Show me on the screen.
Oooohh, now that’s what I call armor. Venture, do you have the capability to manufacture one of those?
Yes, I would like one of those made. Wait. Is that all the same or can it be modified?
Well, depending on what a soldier does, we often wear slightly different armor. Oh, and on my world, it also depended on how much money you could spend. Those from noble houses had better equipment while peasants did not. But light infantry, often armed with spears, wore lighter armor for better movement. Heavy infantry, like myself, wore mail and used heavy weapons. But we couldn’t move as far or as fast due to the armor. Archers were very lightly armored, and even then, spaulders would get in the way of archery so they never had any.
Yes, both functional and cosmetic modifications would be nice. I suck at drawing but something tells me you are a much better artist than I.


So if we get back to Venture, willing to spend 2XP to have a battlesuit made by Venture. Will count as Battlesuit (page 254 of Cypher System Rulebook).


Crewperson Olis, I’d be happy to share with you the schematics for light, medium and heavy skinsuit armors. The schematics for Marine Assault Exosuits are also on file, but I’m afraid The Venture lacks the facilities to allow you to achieve the proper rating with and Einstein-Rosen catapult therefore full use of said exosuit is not possible.

I also can give you access to the Standard Manual of Strategy and Tactics of employing the various arms and equipment available, as well as history vid files regarding their evolution – including the Voidship and First Contact Wars.

Olis Conversations with Venture

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