Thousand Dying Suns

The Gulf of Improbability

KindleNomicon Audio+Text entry - Thorne

Warning, metaphysical nonsense incoming:

There is an important conceptual gulf between what things are supposed to be, and what they can become.

Example: A human body is meant to contain one “soul” with one “identity” but ours contains more. We have come to believe that there is a a considerable conceptual gulf between individual and plural existence, and because we became a plurality instinctively, we now encompass that gulf. Because we encompass that gulf, we touch the place in the universe where all other plural beings exist, conceptually. This gulf exists as an often physical presence, we feel it lurking just out of sight, constantly. We have visited in fact. The “mental labyrinth” that we retreated to with our fellows when struggling against the demon on the Venture was a construct that exists in that place, and not one of our individual creation.

This notion can be expounded upon to encompass worlds. A world has a default state of intentionality. It takes peculiar events (magic, vast cataclysms, huge fucking bombs) to nudge it out of this well trodden path, but we have seen examples of this in every world we’ve visited. Yen Enoth, the time fraught tower in broken Earth, the necropolis of the Necromancer where the soil was made of meat. In these places, the gulf of improbability yawns. Where the laws are loose and the walls are thin. We have touched it enough that we have begun to experiment in it’s use: teleportation, wormholes, things like these.

Now we have found a new location that manipulates these colossal forces. This time almost casually. These ruins of “the 3rd Epoch” seem to suggest that these “Aaqa” weaved the fabric of causality at their whim. But perhaps not. These destinations seem special to them. Temples and tombs. Perhaps the gateways were reserved for particularly important locations? The latest portal was of considerably different construction than any we have previously encountered. It had space inside, a sort of hallway, and in it lurked some monstrous agent of the Unlife. Was this construction a defensive precaution? Was it an accident? Some mutation of powerful magics left over time? We really must find out. We should try and find a way to tear it from inside the portal, so that it can be studied and possibly destroyed.

We must also try and determine the nature of the smoke spirits that sought to unmake us. Although not of the unlife, their perception of us “mud creatures” was such that they were compelled to try and tear us apart. While not inherently malicious, the distinction is academic. Although, we imagine a situation in which our sapience is adequately demonstrated to them and the inherently harmful practice of trying to see what’s inside of us discouraged.

Lastly, we begin to see a process through which we might come to more fully master the forces governing causality, at least in regards to location. Time remains the purview of Arden, for the moment. Thinking about distance as a limiting factor was misguided. The multiverse is as much an idea as it is a physical reality. Physical, scientific constraints, such as distance, are important for maintaining the function of such a system, but need not impede upon our ability to traverse it. We must simply know the notion of a thing in order to go there. The magics needed to get causality to agree with this concept will be more complicated than anything we have previously attempted, but the path is revealed. We will begin to unravel these mysteries.

That is enough for now.



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